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  • Sun, 04:46: At Industry with @doronjosama. We're both tweeting because the birthday party here has hijacked the 80s room with low-grade hiphop.
  • Sun, 04:49: Plusses: DJ's playing all their requests in a block to clear them. Also, they're older & fatter. They won't be out there long. Nope.
  • Sun, 04:58: I've been forced to chant my old MTV mantra: "The next one will be good. The next one will be good. The next one will be good."
  • Sun, 05:50: Music got good after last tweet. Taking breather to be thankful it started again, which kept @doronjosama from shivving or bottling anyone.
  • Sun, 05:58: Jeeze, these people are requesting Rhianna, Timbaland & 50 cent. If you want that, how about you go to EVERY OTHER CLUB IN TOWN.
  • Sun, 06:28: It's terrible how little airplay Party Rock Anthem got. No wonder they came to the only club in town with an 80s night to request it.
  • Sun, 06:37: Wow - pointing up diff between early early and current hiphop. More people dancing to Rob Base than Pitbull. #80swin
  • Sun, 07:01: Of course, Pitbull is the guy about whom @ShadowTodd asked "Why do I even know who this guy is?"
  • Sun, 07:48: I respect deadmau5 for performing with that giant thing on his head. Same for the Residents. Not Slipknot, though.